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The increased growth in the development and use of plastic pipes for drinking water, wastewater, chemicals, heating fluid, and cooling fluids, irrigation, plastic pressure pipe system, etc. has created the need for a vast range of mechanical testing to make sure that the product employed is most suitable for its function and at the same time can survive all the stresses caused by extreme temperature fluctuations and underground land shifts.

Plastic pipe testing is one of the most important parts of the manufacturing process of different pipes made of polyethylene, polypropylene, or PVC. These tests are crucial for manufactures to determine the quality, strength, and tolerance of their products.

TESTRON major pipe testing equipment includes:

Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

It is the test to determine the resistance of internal pressure and short-time hydraulic burst to constant internal water pressure at a constant temperature, which is designed for pressure testing plastic pipes and fittings in PE, PEX, PVC, PP, PB, etc., glass fiber pipes, tubes.

Environmental Stress Cracking Tester

Environmental Stress Crack Tester

It is the test used to determine of the susceptibility of ethylene plastics, as defined in terminology D883, to environmental stress-cracking when subjected to the conditions specified in ASTM D1693-01, under certain conditions of stress and in the presence of environments such as soaps, wetting agents, oils, or detergents, ethylene plastics may exhibit mechanical failure by cracking. Bent specimens of the plastic, each having a controlled imperfection on one surface, are exposed to the action of a surface-active agent. The proportion of the total number of specimens that crack in a given time is observed.

Pipe Opacity Tester

Opacity Tester for Pipes

These tests are performed to determine the opacity of pipes and fittings. The pipes must meet ISO 7686:2005 standards that specify a method for the determination of the opacity of plastics pipes and fittings. It is an ideal device for pipe manufacturers, research, and inspection institutions.

Hot And Cold Water Temperature Thermal Cycling Tester

Hot And Cold Water Temperature Thermal Cycling Tester

These tests are carried out to evaluate the function of hot and cold water pipes under a certain pressure for thousands of cycles. A test assembly of pipes and fittings is subjected to temperature cycling by the passage of water under pressure using hot and cold water alternately for a specified number of cycles. While being subjected to temperature cycling, parts of the assembly of pipes and fittings are maintained under tensile stress and/or flexural strain using static clamps.

Rapid Crack Propagation Tester

Rapid Crack Propagation tester

These tests are conducted to determine the critical pressure or critical temperature for rapid crack propagation of plastic pipe, PVC or other materials. These tests are especially important for the assessment of the performance of thermoplastic pipes intended for the supply of gases or liquids.

Pipe Wall Thickness Measuring Tester

Pipe Wall Thickness Measuring Tester

This equipment is mainly designed to measure the wall thickness of plastic pipes. The wall thickness gauge enables the measuring of the wall thickness of all types of plastic pipes with high accuracy. The measuring is conducted with a high-precision gauge mounted on the upper arm of the retainer. In addition, a variable counter-weight enables adjustment of the compacting pressure of the lower arm.

Ring Stiffness Tester

Ring Stiffness Tester

A ring stiffness test is conducted to determine ring stiffness, ring softness, and compression of thermoplastic pipes having a circular cross-section. It conforms to the requirements of all kinds of plastic pipes, such as structured-wall pipes, PE corrugated pipes, helically wound pipes, etc. The ring stiffness is determined by measuring the force and the deflection while deflecting the pipe at a constant deflection speed.

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