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Video Measurement System / vision measuring systems upplier in USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, Africa, Saudi Arabia

Video Measurement Systems also known as Vision Measuring Systems are used for quick and accurate 3d measurements of small parts mostly in the quality control process of a manufacturing plant.

The system enables 3Dimensional measurements of small parts by using a video camera and lens system to optically magnify the part image and then identifying the edges using metrology software so as to measure dimensions with the help of glass scales and encoders.

TESTRON Introduce TTMC CNC Automatic Video Measurement System

TTMC CNC Automatic Video Measuring System supplier in USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, Africa

TTMC CNC Automatic Video Measurement System Application:

  • It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, automobile, hardware, plastic, mold and other industries.
  • It can accurately measuring work piece size, shape, position tolerance, so as to complete the tasks of components inspection, shape measurement, process control and so on.

TTMC CNC Automatic Video Measurement System Features:

  • CNC fully auto close loop control, auto measurement; Integrative Design, convenient for measuring
  • 00” Grade Stable and Reliable Marble base , Ensuring high measure speed, accuracy and precision
  • Precision Linear Guide and Grinding Ball Screw, AC servo motor ensures accuracy
  • High precision linear scale, resolution is 1um, high accuracy, great stability
  • Manual zoom lens and 1 /2″ color high resolution CCD camera
  • Programmable 5 Ring, 8-division LED Surface illumination controlled by software and with memory function
  • Contour parallel LED illumination, can realize 256 grade brightness adjustment intelligently
  • Optional imported touch probe, realize 3D measurement


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